How to manage tasks effectively? Time management tips for power users

Most effective time management tools and techniques for everyone to achieve success.

What is time management?

Time management alludes to managing time efficiently so that the right time is assigned to the right activity.

Effective time management allows an individual to work more in less time, Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day still some do better than others, achieve more than others, and gain greater success, in the same amount of time. The more you understand the importance of time management more likely you gain effectiveness in your life.

How to manage the task effectively?

Tip: 1 – Create a List of Tasks 

Create a To-Do list for all the task, this seems to be a classic method, yet highly effective. It creates awareness about the list of workloads you have. They are like your everyday toolkit.

A good practice to write a To-do list is to separate your work task from a personal one, capture each task as they come, also write anything that you think might come.

You can achieve this with a simple pen and paper but now there are so Smart Apps to do the same thing. Here are a few top To-do -Apps

Tip: 2 – Audit your time

Analyze your time carefully, see where you spend your time throughout the day. Figure out areas of improvement, like which non-essential activities that can be avoided.

You should often audit your time to become self-aware of any non-essential activities in your day to day life

Tip: 3 – Make a priority list

Once your To-do list is ready and you are aware of your available schedule it is time to create your priority list first. Not everything needs to be done right away. 

Try not to overburden yourself with tasks, for starter only move top 5 task from your main to-do list to the priority list.

Urgent tasks should be at the top then Important + non-urgent can be second.

Remember the 80/20 rule which is also known as Pareto Principle, Says that 

80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. 

This is the reason the priority list is important your top 5 tasks will give you the momentum to push through your final goals.

Tip: 4 – Timebox each of your task

Provide a limited time for each task, estimate how long each task will take, and try to finish it within that deadline only. If you will not restrict yourself with this limitation, it might take forever to complete a task.

Be time aware and provide sufficient time for each activity.

Tip: 5 – Be flexible – Make norms for deviation 

Sometimes urgency can occur, and the schedule can be changedThis can be due to some sudden plans or external factors.

Always ask these questions before deviating 

Is this can be done at some later point in time?  

If yes stick to the current activity

Is this task more urgent than what I am doing right now? 

If yes stop current activity can replace it with a new one.

Tip: 6 – Set your daily agenda

Before starting your day always set your daily agenda, use the first 10 mins for time auditing, and setting your goal of the day, and creating a priority list.

Tip: 7 – Plan your week ahead on Sunday

This can be a broader plan like “I will empty my to-do list this week” or “I will complete the product launching checklist this week”. This gives your mind a sense of direction where your actions will be heading.

Tip: 8 – Do not multitask

Focus on one task at a time and focus it well., Many researchers have found out that multitasking is a myth. You are simply switching from one task to another, losing your focus in the process.

Tip: 9 – Give your breaks

The human brain cannot focus continuously, to maintain the standard of your work. Give yourself short breaks every 90 minutes.

Tip: 10 – Heavy work first

Try to finish for heavy work in the working and finish it by noon. The first hour of the work is most productive, it is a good idea to tackle those heavy work first.

Tip: 11 Block distractions

Keep a note of things which divert you off the track, try to block the distraction as much as you can. 

Tip: 11 – Be Patient

Time management in life is very important, and it is a long-term process. You need to keep learning and follow rules and schedule very strictly to see the results. Find your weakness and constantly try to fix it.

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