Top 8 productive habits that highly effective people follow

The productivity rituals that all highly successful people follow, and you should follow too. 🎉

Discipline is one of the top factors contributing to one’s success. It is a tool for accomplishments. 

To achieve something it requires two things –

  • Your consistency. 
  • Doing the right things at the right time.

After analyzing the habit of successful individuals. Here are the Top 10 habits that highly effective people follow.

1. Leave your bed at YOUR right time.

Starting your day right is one the best way to jump-start your productivity habit. We all have heard that those who wake up early are better at productivity and achieve more, but this is far from the whole truth. 

There are many successful night owls too, their “mornings” just start at a different time. It isn’t about a specific time but about tuning your body clock for a healthy daily routine. The more you follow this, the more your brain is ready to respond to the challenges.

Proper sleep duration is a must. The human brain should get enough rest to deal with challenges efficiently.

2. Prepare a morning ritual 

Many productivity experts believe that a morning ritual drives you towards an action-oriented start.

A typical morning ritual would look like this

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Medication/ Yoga/Workout – 20 Mins
  3. Coffee
  4. Book reading
  5. Shower
  6. Calendar check
  7. Start working 

A successful morning ritual increases your energy levels, and build healthy habits. It also can be a key tool to reset your bad habits.

While one morning ritual doesn’t work for everybody. You can create a ritual that helps you to be calm and motivated.

3. Avoid distractions and actively remove them

The biggest roadblock to productivity is distractions. Some people need total isolation from the outer world while doing focus centric work. A good way to avoid such distraction is by listening to music without lyrics.

Here is a YouTube channel that gives you a 24×7 live stream of relaxing music while you work. You can put on your headphones and get disconnected from the noise around you.

Mobile phones can be a major source of distraction. One of the best ways to avoid this distraction is to mute applications that you don’t use at work.

4. Plan your next day

It is better to make your brain aware of all the upcoming challenges. Take out 10-15 mins before you end your day and note down all the tasks that are to be done for tomorrow. Keep a note of the progress you are making. 

Here are tips on managing your task efficiently

This strategy helps you to get into action mode. The next day when you start working, you utilize your most productive hours into working not planning.

Kenneth Chenault, American Express CEO writes down the top three things he wants to accomplish the next day. He uses this trick to jump-start his next day.

Starting work early allows you to devote more time. 

5. Be around optimistic people more

To achieve long term goals and success you have to keep yourself motivated. This is not an easy task, you often come across challenges and fight your way through. Surrounding yourself with great people is essential for constant motivation.   

A genuinely good company will always be there and support you.

Sometimes you can easily get consumed by your work, that you forget about the bigger picture. Be social and interact often, take a step back and learn from amazing people around you.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast

You’ll need to stay energetic throughout the day. This is the reason breakfasts are very essential meals. Eat a rich diet and try not to skip this meal.

Here is an amazing doctor recipe for a healthy breakfast.

7. Exercise or play sports

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”

― A.A. Milne,

Success is a long term game plan and for that, you have to be healthy, fit, and stay in the right shape. Being physically active also helps you to manage stress and anxiety.

8. Just take a break – Self-care

Sometimes just take a break for yourself and introspect, reshift priorities and enjoy life. 

These habits take months to build but yield a long term result. The most important thing is to stay focus and discipline. No matter what happens, do not get demotivated, and stick to the plan.